Lisa Rosenbaum.

So EHRs will be just as good as the product quality metrics they’re made to catch; technology can’t overcome fundamental measurement difficulties. We measure many things that have no worth to patients, while much of what patients do value, includingContinue reading… Lisa Rosenbaum.

Nicole Mayer-Hamblett.

Frank J. Accurso, M.D ., Steven M. Rowe, M.D., J.P. Clancy, M.D., Michael P. Boyle, M.D., Jordan M. Dunitz, M.D., Peter R. Durie, M.D., Scott D. Sagel, M.D., Douglas B. Hornick, M.D., Michael W. Konstan, M.D., Scott H. Donaldson,Continue reading… Nicole Mayer-Hamblett.