Matthijs Oudkerk.

In round one, the proportion of invasive methods that revealed benign disease was 27.2 percent. The lung-cancer detection rate in circular one was 0.9 percent . There were four interval cancers, all of which had been stage IV adenocarcinomas; threeContinue reading… Matthijs Oudkerk.

Katherine McKeon.

Because individuals performed fewer fingerstick glucose lab tests during the control period than during the bionic-pancreas period, we also prespecified that comparisons between your bionic-pancreas period and the control period would be predicated on data from constant glucose monitoring. ThereContinue reading… Katherine McKeon.

Sholom Wacholder.

Interactions We investigated whether interactions between the different parts of the Gail model and genetic variants would improve the efficiency of the relevant models. To avoid complex issues involving model selection that are beyond the scope of this article, weContinue reading… Sholom Wacholder.