14 California communities now on verge of waterless-ness.

14 California communities now on verge of waterless-ness; mass migration out of California seems imminent Unless California gets some large rain, and soon, the state’s roughly 38 million residents will eventually be up a creek without a paddle – – or without a creek, for example. The latest media reports indicate that some 14 communities through the entire state are actually on the verge of working completely dry, and much more could sign up for them in the year ahead if conditions remain as they are. Some time ago, the official count was 28 communities bordering on complete waterless-ness, according to the Water Resources Control Board. Those that have since dropped off the list could actually think of a fix, at least for now.Without regulations to fall back on, consumers have begun resorting to legal action, petitioning the FDA in 2001 to do something against natural foods that hid genetically altered substances. Next came the Sugars Wars, with the Glucose Association and Equal suing Splenda for claiming it was natural. Splenda resisted, and by April 2014, no natural community course action lawsuit has actually gone to trial. Though natural food lawsuits to time have disappointed, they encourage marketing experts to drop the state of being natural or reformulate their products to avoid upcoming lawsuits. Perhaps this will persuade the FDA or FTC to consider creating, finally, a definition for the meaning of natural, concludes the writer.

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