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They have no mindset for coping with difficulty, so they contact others to solve their problems for them: the police, the plumber, the fireman, the ambulance and so forth. In a collapse scenario, individuals whose specialty skills are shared across a broad population will abruptly be difficult or difficult to locate. Why? Because they’ll be at home protecting their own families! #10) OUR MOTHER EARTH will humble humanityAny period human beings get as well arrogant and as well big-headed about all their amazing cellular phone technology, hi-rise towns and nuclear power vegetation, Mother Nature shrugs and sends forth a tsunami of water or wind just. All of humanity’s finest constructs are but fragile playthings compared to the truly amazing power of Mother Nature and the resilience of the world.Lie #21) There’s no want to be worried about Ebola or other infectious diseases in the us because the vaccine companies can always and immediately create a fresh vaccine that works 100 percent of that time period, with zero side effects. Lie #22) Regional police departments need battlefield military weapons, armored vehicles and body armor as the drug war needs it. Lie #23) EASILY buy something at Entire Foods, it should be free of charge and healthy from contaminants like toxic heavy metals. Lie #24) My vote really counts in nationwide elections. We live in a democracy where the social people have power over the government. Lie #25) My examining and cost savings accounts are perfectly safe no matter what is really because my bank is FDIC covered.