000 adults living with HIV/AIDS in the united kingdom There are 53 now.

Anyone who thinks they have put themselves vulnerable to contracting an infection should go to a clinic for tests, particularly as some infections can have no symptoms. Mandatory Insurance: Yes, It’s A Taxes The Boston Globe President Obama vows not to raise taxes on any American family members earning less than $250,000 a year. However he backs legislation that could pressure every American to transport health insurance or pay a hefty penalty to the IRS . Health Care Choice The Salt Lake Tribune President Obama invited Sen. Bob Bennett to the White House the other day to talk about healthcare reform. We wish the president sooner had called. Utah’s junior senator is the co-sponsor, with Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Oregon, of the Healthy People in america Act, the only bipartisan health care reform bill to gain much attention truly.Today, there are many more HIV prevention options in large-scale trials, including vaccines, various other microbicides with different mechanisms of action and oral pre-publicity prophylaxis – antiretroviral medications being tested for prevention. Important outcomes from these trials are anticipated in 2010 2010 and beyond. Furthermore, in the last few years, clinical trials have also shown that medical male circumcision can be able to preventing HIV disease in heterosexual men. Recently, in October, results from a big clinical trial with over 16,000 individuals in Thailand provided evidence for the first time that it is feasible to reduce the chance of HIV infection with a vaccine.